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Here’s the OP story…

The OP initials come from my name (Patricia Otoa). I started OP in Uganda in November 2012 after quitting my IT job. I started designing and sewing clothes for myself on my mother’s balcony with the help of a friend who was an experienced seamstress.

After several months of working from home, I launched OP with a fashion show and opened my first store in May 2013 at Gattomatto, a popular restaurant and lounge in Kampala. Within a couple of months, my designs quickly became popularly known for quality, creativity and efficient custom delivery. Two years later, I had three stores and four outlets in Kampala.

In December 2015, I moved to the UK to study fashion and with this came the opportunity to expand so I launched OP Clothing UK, I felt the need to share my inspiration and passion with the rest of the world. From the UK, we now ship worldwide.

I am inspired by African print fabrics for women who love elegant and contemporary African designs. All my pieces are made from a limited edition of quality African fabrics handpicked and assembled together in Uganda where I have a workshop with employees. I usually mix these fabrics with others like chiffon, satin, lace, cotton to compliment the prints.

At OP, we also offer custom tailored services for any of the items in our store as well as any design of your choice. Over the past four years we have gained expertise in managing and producing high quality custom made orders in an efficient and timely manner. For all custom orders worldwide, please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.

OP currently employs 6 full time young talented designers and seamstresses in Uganda who are very talented and passionate about fashion and design. Together, our mission at OP is to create a reliable and convenient African fashion brand that attracts customers seeking quality and elegance.

Thank you for visiting our shop, I hope you love what you see.
Each item is made with love.

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